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Aircraft Shipments

2018p  $213.3B    +2.2%

Aircraft New Orders

2018p  $240.0B   +11.7%

Aircraft Backlog

2018/05  $670.6B  +0.8%

GDP Q3-18 $20,660B +3.5%

UNEMPL Oct-18 3.7% unch.

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DoD Procurement:

DoD Procurement
FY 2019e

$144.6B +15.1%

DoD Procurement
FY 2018p

$125.6B   +1.0%

Aerospace Economic Data:

Q2 2018

$78.7B    +6.7%

Net Profit
Q2 2018

  $8.8B   +19.0%

June 2018

495,400   +1.7%


Deliveries ('18)

Deliveries ('17)

Deliveries ('16)










Order Backlog

Net Orders ('18)

Net Orders ('17)









Monthly Analysis of Aircraft Deliveries (a must read!)

Commercial Aircraft Production Data

Nov. 16, 2018 Airbus, Boeing Report October 2018 Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries
Oct. 15, 2018 Airbus, Boeing Report September 2018 Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries
Sep. 19, 2018 Airbus, Boeing Report August 2018 Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries
Aug. 21, 2018 Airbus, Boeing Report July 2018 Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries

More Delivery Data

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Top-100 Defense Contractors 2016
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Top-100 U.S. Gov't Contractors 2016

U.S. DoD Spending FY2018 to FY2019: Total DoD OCO O&M Procurement RDT&E MILPERS MILCON
+12.4% -21.7% +8.4% +15.1% +23.8% +10.2% +38.4%
U.S. DoD Spending FY2017 to FY2018: Total DoD OCO O&M Procurement RDT&E MILPERS MILCON
-1.2% +6.8% +1.4% +1.0% +1.0% +0.3% +2.7%

Aerospace & Defense Blog

Key Aerospace Trends | Gauging the Performance of the U.S. Aerospace Industry

GAUGES Performance Indicators for the Aerospace Industry

Below, we provide 10 key indicators that highlight U.S. aerospace industry trends. Together, these indicators provide a snapshot of the current state of aerospace in the United States. The data is the latest available and the growth rates on display for each indicator highlight the change from the same period last year. If you want more information about an indicator or a particular aerospace subject, there are links placed below the charts that will take you directly to more detailed data. What we provide below is simply a 3-minute tour highlighting the trends and current state of the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Industrial Production | +4.0% Aerospace Capacity Utilization | +3.08 points
Download Industrial Production Data
Go to Economic Trends Database
Download Capacity Utilization Data
Go to Economic Trends Database
Aerospace Company Net Profits | +19.0% U.S. DoD Procurement | +4.8%
More Aerospace Company Data
Download Company Profit Data
Go to Economic Trends Database
More Defense Spending Data
Download Procurement Data
Go to the Defense Database
U.S. Aerospace Employment | +1.7% U.S. Aerospace Trade Surplus | -4.7%
Download Employment Data
Go to Aerospace Manufacturing Database
Download Trade Data
Go to Aerospace Trade Database
U.S. Passenger Air Traffic | +5.2% U.S. Air Cargo Traffic | +2.9%
More Air Transportation Data
Download Passenger Data
Top-100 US Airlines  Top-100 US Airports
More Air Transportation Data
Download Cargo Data
Go to Air Traffic Database
Industrial Commodity Prices | +6.0% U.S. A&D Stock Performance | +5.5%
Download Commodity Price Data

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