General Electric (NYSE:GE)

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General Electric operates through eight principal business segments:

• Power
• Oil & Gas
• Renewable Energy
• Aviation
• Healthcare
• Transportation
• Lighting
• Capital.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $73,100M -16.7%

R&D ('20): $2,565M -17.7%

Net Profit ('20): $6,868M +++

CAPEX ('20): $1,579M -28.8%

GE Aviation - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:

Aircraft Engines; Avionics; Motion & Flow Control

GE Aviation - Products:

Commercial Engines: GE Aviation manufactures jet engines and turboprop engines for commercial airframes. The company's commercial engines power aircraft in all categories: regional, narrowbody and widebody. GE also manufactures engines and components for business and general aviation aircraft. Commercial Services: GE provides maintenance, component repair and overhaul services (MRO), including sales of replacement parts. Military: GE manufactures jet engines for military airframes. The company's military engines power a wide variety of military aircraft including fighters, bombers, tankers, helicopters and surveillance aircraft, as well as marine applications. GE also provides maintenance, component repair and overhaul services, including sales of replacement parts. Systems: GE provides components, systems and services for commercial and military segments. This includes avionics systems, aviation electric power systems, flight efficiency and intelligent operation services, aircraft structures, mechanical transmissions, turbomachinery, combustors, and engine frames and cases. Additive: GE provides a wide variety of products and services including additive machines, additive materials, and additive engineering services. Joint Ventures: The company also produces and markets engines through CFM International, a company jointly owned by GE and Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly Snecma), and Engine Alliance, a company jointly owned by GE and Pratt & Whitney. New engines are also being designed and marketed in a joint venture with Honda Aero, a division of Honda Motor Co.

GE's DoD Defense Programs:

| C-17 | C-130J Hercules | DoD Prime ContractorF-16 | DoD Prime ContractorF/A-18E/F Super Hornet | DoD Prime ContractorEA-18G |
| F-22 Raptor | F-35 Lightning II | HH-60M | Littoral Combat Ship | MH-60R | MH-60S |
| MQ-8B | UH-60 Black Hawk | P-8A Poseidon | RQ-4 Global Hawk | V-22 Osprey |

GE's Commercial Programs:

| Airbus: A319, A320, A321, A320neo Family (LEAP-1A), A330, A350 XWB, A380 |
| Boeing: 737NG, 737 MAX (LEAP-1B), 747-8, 767, 777, 787 |
| COMAC: C919 (LEAP-1C)

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Aerospace Company Data
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