Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS)

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Harris Corporation operates through three principal business segments:

• Communication Systems
• Electronic Systems
• Space and Intelligence Systems

Company Information

Revenues ('18): $6,182M +4.8%

R&D ('18): $311M +0.3%

Net Profit ('18): $718M +29.8%

CAPEX ('18): $136M +14.3%

Harris Corporation - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:

   Communication Systems/RF; EW & C4ISR

Harris | Products:

Secure radio communications products and systems for manpack, handheld, soldier-worn, vehicular, strategic fixed-site and shipboard applications (these operate in various radio frequency bands: high-frequency (HF), very high-frequency (VHF) and ultra high-frequency (UHF) over satellite communications (SATCOM) and in multiband mode); current and next-generation public safety radios; mission-critical networks; wireless communications systems; IP-based voice and data communication; single-band LMR terminals; multiband radios; night vision goggles and systems; electronic warfare solutions for airborne, maritime and ground applications incl. self-protection and jamming systems; high-performance radar systems; counter-radio controlled IED technology; minesweeping systems and mine countermeasures; advanced avionics equipment, electronics and software, including cockpit communications, digital maps, processors, sensors, data buses, fiber optics, microelectronics and conformal wideband antennas; high-speed fiber optic networking and switching, image processing, digital map software and other electronic components, including Multifunction Advanced Data Link communication subsystems; aircraft carriage and release equipment and weapons interface systems; C4ISR solutions including terrestrial SATCOM terminals, platform integration for battle management systems, advanced ground robotics, weapon and missile defense data-links, and naval acoustic sensors and systems; intelligence, space protection, geospatial, complete Earth observation, universe exploration, positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), and environmental solutions.

Harris' DoD Defense Programs:

| AH-64 | DoD Prime ContractorAIDEWS | AV-8B Harrier II | B-1B Lancer | B-52 | C-17 | C-130 | CH-47 |
| E-2C/D | EA-6B | EA-18G | F-15 | F-16 | F/A-18C/D | F/A-18E/F | F-22 Raptor |
| F-35 Lightning II | GPS | DoD Prime ContractorIDECM | DoD Prime ContractorJTRS | MQ-9 Reaper | P-8A Poseidon |
| V-22 Osprey | WIN-T |

Harris' Commercial Programs:

No Information Available.

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