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L3 Technologies operates through four principal business segments:

• Electronic Systems
• Aerospace Systems
• Communication Systems
• Sensor Systems

Company Information

Revenues ('18): $10,244M +7.0%

R&D ('18): $326M +13.6%

Net Profit ('18): $1,026M +48.1%

CAPEX ('18): $232M +6.4%

L3 Technologies - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:

   C4ISR; Communication Systems/RF

L3's Products:

Military and commercial aircraft flight simulators; reconfigurable training devices; distributed mission training suites; Global airline pilot training and crew resourcing; Fuzing and ordnance systems; Unmanned systems and components; Radar-based sensors and systems; GPS receivers; Navigation systems; Cockpit and mission displays; Airborne traffic and collision avoidance systems, terrain awareness warning systems; Cockpit avionics; Solid state crash protected cockpit voice and flight data recorders; Airport security screening solutions, explosives detection systems and whole body scanning systems; Naval power delivery, conversion and switching products, and hybrid electric drives; Military combat vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle propulsion systems, electrical power generation systems and mobile electric power generators; Airborne dipping sonars, submarine and surface ship towed arrays; C4N solutions; High power microwave sources, systems & effects, pulse power systems and electromagnetics hardened construction; Ballistic missile targets; Targeted stabilized camera systems; Submarine photonic systems and periscopes; Naval surface imaging systems; Enhanced vision, weapon sights products, laser designation and range finder systems; Fleet management of special mission aircraft, including avionics and mission system upgrades and logistics support; Airborne, space and surface data link terminals, ground stations, and transportable tactical satellite communications (SATCOM) systems; Multi-band Manpack Receivers; Passive and active microwave components and subsystems; Secure communications terminals; Shipboard communications systems; Telemetry and instrumentation systems; and much more.

L3's DoD Defense Programs:

| C-12/MC-12 | C-17 | DoD Prime ContractorC-27J (cancelled) | C-130 Hercules | CH-47 | E-2D | E-6B |
| F/A-18E/F | F-22 Raptor | F-35 Lightning II | MH-60R | MH-60S | UH-60 Black Hawk |
| RQ-4 Global Hawk | UH-1Y Venom | V-22 Osprey |

L3's Commercial Programs:

| Airbus: A320/A320neo Family, A330 | Boeing: 737NG, 747-8, 767, 777, 787 |
| Bombardier: CRJ | Embraer: ERJ | Bell: 206, 525 |
| MD Helicopters: MD 500 Defender

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Aerospace Company Data
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