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Orbital ATK operates through three principal business segments:


• Flight Systems Group
• Defense Systems Group
• Space Systems Group.

Company Information

Revenues ('17): $4,764M +6.9%

R&D ('17): $115M -0.9%

Net Profit ('17): $310M +5.8%

CAPEX ('17): $245M +31.0%

Orbital ATK - OEM/Tier I

Aerospace Sector:


Space Systems; Missiles/Munitions.

Orbital ATK | Products:

Antares, Pegasus, Taurus and Minotaur space launch vehicles; Interceptor launch vehicles; Target launch vehicles; Communications satellites; Science and remote sensing satellites and related subsystems; Booster vehicles; Space technical services; Human-rated spacecraft.

Rocket motors systems for human and cargo launch vehicles, conventional and strategic missiles, and missile defense interceptors; Solid rocket motors; Solid rocket motor propulsion for surface and air launched missile systems; Satellite mechanical components and assemblies; Satellite fuel and oxidizer tanks; Precision structures; Solar power arrays; Deployable structures; Spacecraft composite primary and secondary structures; Precision Guidance Kits; Mortar Guidance Kits; Medium-caliber chain guns; Small-, medium-, and large-caliber ammunition; Military precision munitions; Propellant and energetic materials; Target missiles; Missile Subsystems & Components; Missile Warning Systems (MWS); Weapons sensors and fuzes; Composite aircraft components: upper and lower wing skins, fuselage skins, nacelles, ducts, access covers, fan cases, radomes, apertures, stringers and frames.

Orbital ATK's DoD Defense Programs:

| Aerial Targets | DoD Prime ContractorAGM-88 AARGM | AMRAAM | EELV | F-22 Raptor |
| F-35 Lightning II | GMD | Hellfire | AGM-65 Maverick | Minuteman III |
| RQ-4 Global Hawk | Sidewinder | SM-3 | MSST | THAAD | Trident II |

Orbital ATK's Commercial Programs:

| Airbus: A350 XWB | Boeing 747-8, 787 |

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Aerospace Company Data
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