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Triumph Group conducts its business through three principal business segments:


• Triumph Integrated Systems
• Triumph Aerospace Structures
• Triumph Product Support.

Company Information

Revenues ('17): $3,533M -9.1%

R&D ('17): $112M +9.1%

Net Profit ('17): $-43M NEG

CAPEX ('17): $52M -35.3%

Triumph Group - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:

   Aerostructures; Motion & Flow Control

Triumph Group - Products:

Aircraft and engine-mounted accessory drives; Thermal control systems and components; Cargo hooks; High lift actuation; Cockpit control levers; Hydraulic systems and components; Control system valve bodies; Landing gear actuation systems; Electronic engine controls; Landing gear components and assemblies; Exhaust nozzles and ducting; Main engine gear box assemblies; Geared transmissions and drive train components; Main fuel pumps; Fuel-metering units; Secondary flight control systems; Vibration absorbers; Aircraft wings; Flight control surfaces; Composite and metal bonding; Helicopter cabins; Engine nacelles; Precision machined parts; Comprehensive processing services; Stretch-formed leading edges and fuselage skins; Empennages; Acoustic and thermal insulation systems; Composite ducts and floor panels; Wing spars and stringers; and repair and overhaul.

Triumph's DoD Defense Programs:

| B-2 Spirit | C-5 | C-17 | C-130 Hercules | F/A-18E/F Super Hornet | F-22 Raptor |
| F-35 Lightning II | KC-46 | MH-60S | RQ-4/MQ-4C | UH-60 | V-22 Osprey |

Triumph's Commercial Programs:

| Airbus: A320/A320neo Family, A330, A350 XWB, A380
| Boeing: 737NG, 737 MAX, 747-8, 767, 777, 787 |
| Gulfstream: G280, G500, G550, G600, G650 |
| Bombardier: CRJ, Global 7500/8000 | Embraer: ERJ, E-Jet E2 |

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