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The International Economic Trends Database provides free downloadable aerospace international trade data. Below you can download spreadsheets that come with detailed figures and charts. Our data covers U.S. aerospace exports, imports, and balance of trade. We also provide aerospace exports, imports, and trade deficit/surplus by country. From our data, you will learn why aerospace is important to the U.S. economy and who our key aerospace trading partners are.

The AeroWeb Database System is one of the core features of our online services. Quality aerospace & defense market data is provided free of charge. Our data is copyright protected. Data may be used for both private and commercial purposes as long as proper reference to the AeroWeb is provided. However, our files, data and charts may not in any way be sold or re-distributed without prior specific permission from AeroWeb.

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Free Downloads | U.S. Aerospace Exports, Imports, and Trade Balance

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2.1 International Fiscal Data (GDP, Unemployment and more) HTML AUTO Monthly AUTOMATIC
2.2 Annual Trade Figures - Aerospace Products and Parts XLS 1990-2017 Annually Aug 2, 2018
2.3 Top U.S. Aerospace Trading Partners - Exports XLS 1990-2017 Annually Aug 2, 2018
2.4 Top U.S. Aerospace Trading Partners - Imports XLS 1990-2017 Annually Aug 2, 2018
2.5 Top U.S. Aerospace Trading Partners - Trade Surplus XLS 1990-2017 Annually Aug 2, 2018