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Below, we provide a detailed table with key 5-year financial data for Northrop Grumman Corp. from 2013 to 2017. The table first lists major income statement items (revenue and net profit) followed by balance sheet items such as assets, equity, cash, debt, inventories, PPE, and working capital (current assets minus current liabilities). Then we move on and provide key financial performance ratios for Northrop Grumman such as NPM, ROA, ROE, equity-ratio, cash-assets, inventory-assets, and CAPEX in % of revenues. Moving on to the data from the statement of cash flows, we provide the following data for Northrop Grumman: Cash flows from operations; cash flows from investing activities incl. CAPEX to calculate the company's Free Cash Flow (FCF); cash paid for acquisitions; cash received from divestitures; and cash flows from financing activities. Finally, we list how many employees Northrop Grumman has and calculate Revenue per Employee. If the info is available, we also provide the percentage of employees subject to collective bargaining agreements (% union membership).

5-year financial data for Northrop Grumman - Table

Northrop Grumman | Revenues

Northrop Grumman | Net Income

Northrop Grumman | R&D Spending

Northrop Grumman | # Employees

5-year financial data for Northrop Grumman - Column Chart
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