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Inteligencia artificial tomará mejores decisiones que CEOs, dice un Nobel de Economía

Bloomberg Línea — No es por nada que los CEO y los altos ejecutivos ocupan sus puestos: acumulan muchos años de experiencia, desempeñan un papel de liderazgo y tienen habilidades técnicas y socioemocionales. Pero en un futuro próximo, tendrán que convivir con una realidad en la que las decisiones estratégicas de negocio dentro de las ... Read moreRead More

Informations sur le jury et les films…de la 79e Mostra 2022

Informations sur le jury et les films…de la 79e Mostra 2022.  Venise1.com vous propose de multiples informations sur les membres du jury, les films, les réalisateurs et le concepteur de l’affiche etc.La Mostra est une vieille dame de 90 ans. Lorenzo Mattotti, l’illustrateur italien signe l’affiche de cette 79e Mostra de Venise 2022. N’hésitez pas ... Read moreRead More

Saviano, Orhan Pamuk o Svetlana Aleksiévich, otros escritores amenazados como Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie sigue hospitalizado después de que un hombre simpatizante con el extremismo islámico iraní le apuñalara en el cuello y otras partes del cuerpo el viernes en un auditorio de Chautauqua (Nueva York) poco antes de comenzar una conferencia. El estado de salud del escritor, condenado a muerte en 1989 por una fatua o ... Read moreRead More

Cande and Paulo from San Juan, about to be nominated for a Latin Grammy

“We all imagine ourselves with a Grammy in hand. And if it’s not this time, it will be the next one,” said Paulo Carrizo, from the duo Cande y Paulo, who are close to being nominated for one of the greatest awards in Latin music. This week, the San Juan musicians learned that they are ... Read moreRead More

Burmese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung Suu Kyi was sentenced to another six years in prison by a Myanmar court

Aung San Suu Kyi (Reuters) The former Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyialready sentenced to 11 years in prison, was sentenced to a supplementary sentence of six years’ imprisonment for corruption by a military courtsources close to the case indicated. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, prosecuted for multiple infractions by the junta in power since ... Read moreRead More

Close to the Latin Grammys

When the applause of their European tour still resounds, Cande Buasso and Paulo Carrizo received another piece of good news for their professional and personal lives. “We are in consideration for the Latin Grammy Awards!!!!!!!! Thanks to you. I hope you continue to accompany us and send good vibes as always!’, they wrote on their ... Read moreRead More

Alberto Roemmers died, the successful businessman who knew how to lead one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the country

His company created renowned drugs such as Lotrial, Optamox, Amoxidal, Sertal Compuesto and Losacor After years of leading one of the most important and prestigious pharmaceutical companies in Argentina, Businessman Alberto Roemmers passed away at the age of 95. Thanks to his work at the head of Laboratorios Roemmers, the firm managed to expand internationally ... Read moreRead More

Monday, August 15 (04:00 GMT)

TAIWAN CRISIS New US delegation travels to Taiwan amid crisis with China Washington. A delegation of five US legislators traveled to Taiwan on Sunday for a working tour in the midst of the crisis with China unleashed by the recent trip to the island of the president of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy ... Read moreRead More

Meet María Becerra and her story of how she got to the 2022 Grammys

(Video: Instagram / Maria Becerra) Mary Becerra She knew from a very young age that dreams are meant to come true and she has dedicated herself to that since she discovered, almost unintentionally, what has now become her career and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. The youtuber Of Argentine ... Read moreRead More

Rushdie remains hospitalized, in critical condition but not on a ventilator.

New York, Aug 14 (EFE) .- The Anglo-Indian writer Salman Rushdie, stabbed last Friday, is evolving positively and no longer needs assisted breathing, although he is still hospitalized and in critical condition, while calls for solidarity with him and even calls for him to receive the Nobel Prize. The good news was given today by ... Read moreRead More