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This is what is known about the restraining order against Ricky Martin

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Blessd talks about his close friendship with Maluma and how he paved the way for him in music 01:23 “Totally false”: Ricky Martin rejects the accusations of domestic violence against him 00:25 Susana Dosamantes: artists and fans say ... Read moreRead More

Gina Lollobrigida turns 95: between young lovers and her son who wants to take away her 40 million euros

The beautiful più donna of the world is exhausted that her family will not let her live in peace and be able to decide what she wants His curvaceous physique was considered to be of such magnitude that even the rigid French incorporated the word lollobrigienne into their vocabulary, to designate ladies with extraordinarily feminine ... Read moreRead More

The strict rules that the nannies of the children of the Kardashian must comply with

Written in CELEBRITIES the 7/4/2022 06:00 a.m. The family kardashian He has created an entire empire with his image, in addition, many of them have individual businesses that have made them much more millionaires. Of course when the family grows they cannot take care of all the chores and decide to hire nannies who require ... Read moreRead More

Yrma Lydya, Fernando del Solar and Susana Dosamantes: the theory that deaths are usually “three by three”

Yrma Lydya, Fernando del Solar and Susana Dosamantes died a few days apart (Photo: File) The last few days have painted the Mexican show in mourning, since three celebrities have lost their lives leaving a feeling of sadness among his followers, some of them have begun to notice that this time the strange theory that ... Read moreRead More

Marjorie de Sousa raises her legs to receive the summer sun

Marjorie de Sousa raises her legs to receive the summer sun | Instagram like a queen Marjorie deSousa She was charming her fans with the best angles in a beach outfit as she greeted the summer sun with her legs raised to the sky. There is no doubt that the talented celebrity In addition to ... Read moreRead More

Gal Gadot shakes the hearts of her followers by modeling on the cover

Gal Gadot shakes the hearts of her followers by modeling on the cover | AFP the beautiful israeli Gal Gadot is one of the celebrities more applause than Hollywood not only for his impeccable performances on the big screen, it has been his empathic and conscientious personality that has won the palms of the international ... Read moreRead More

Al Pacino, Depardieu, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum and their common past as sex workers

Before fame, Al Pacino, Depardieu, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum used their bodies to survive or get money without much effort For readers who often follow these Hollywood stories, we’ve told you about the various jobs that various celebrities held before success settled in their lives. A large majority worked as waiters. Among those who ... Read moreRead More

Away from the stage, among luxuries and with influencers: this is how Luis Miguel reappeared in Miami

The artists and influencers Naiza, Jamalat Larach and Agatha Sencion had a birthday celebration day in which they met Luis Miguel in an exclusive restaurant in Miami (Photo: Instagram / @agathasencion) After several months away from the stage, Luis Miguel, the Mexican star of romantic music, reappeared on social networks accompanied by three artists and ... Read moreRead More

Who is “The Boss” of The House of Celebrities 2?

Telemundo Find out who is “The Boss” inside The House of Celebrities The House of the Famous 2 exposes to light the true coexistence of celebrities within the competition where they are being watched 24 hours a day by “La jefa”, that mysterious voice that brings order to the reality show. PlayThe Boss Clarifies the ... Read moreRead More

‘He left quietly…’, Anna Ferro talks about the last moments of Fernando del Solar’s life

Aware of the great affection that the public has to Fernando del Solarhis widow, anna ferrowanted to take the floor in the middle of the painful moment going throughto thank him for all the signs of affection that have been sent to him as a result of the death of the charismatic presenter and to ... Read moreRead More